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Why You Need to Try Wearing a Silk Face Mask to Prevent Breakouts

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Face masks have ushered in a new kind of fashion, but wearing them regularly comes with a cost as well. Many people are suffering from the dreaded “maskne” and other mask-related skin irritations. The friction created by your mask rubbing against your skin can cause all kinds of inflammation and irritation. While there’s no one-cure-fits-all, making the switch to a silk face mask can make a big difference.

When choosing a mask, you want something that will cause less friction and hold less moisture. This will keep your skin looking and feeling healthier. Wearing the right mask isn’t the only way to fight maskne. We’ve got some other tips to help you out.

What Is Maskne?

Mask + acne = maskne!

Maskne is all of the skin irritation, breakouts, and blackheads appearing on your cheeks, nose, and chin courtesy of wearing your face covering. Friction, heat, and moisture under your mask are a dangerous combination when it comes to your skin’s health.

Unfortunately, maskne isn’t just acne. The regular friction on your skin from wearing your mask can trigger other dermatological conditions, like contact dermatitis and hives. It can also cause flare-ups of pre-existing skin conditions.

Maskne can also include any irritations that are caused by regularly wearing a mask. Your mask can cause your skin to become inflamed and irritated in a way that looks like acne. It can also cause facial yeast infections that have similar symptoms to acne.

Anyone can develop maskne, but if you already suffer from skin problems, your chances are higher. If you have oily skin or are acne-prone, that also increases your odds of developing maskne. It can worsen the symptoms of acne that you already experience.

If you’re regularly wearing sunscreen, makeup, and other facial products, you’re at even higher risk of developing maskne. When your makeup gets trapped under your mask, it can sink deeper into your pores and cause breakouts. When your skin cells die off during the day, they have nowhere to go and can also contribute to clogged pores.

How Does a Silk Face Mask Help Maskne?

Using a silk face mask can help reduce symptoms of maskne. Silk fibers are smoother than other materials, which means you’re less likely to have friction-induced trauma on your skin. The less irritated your skin is, the better able it is to protect your body from bacteria. Choosing a mask that causes less friction is one of the best things you can do to reduce maskne.

Silk is also hypoallergenic because it contains a protein that repels mold, dust mites, and other common allergens. This makes it an excellent choice for people with already sensitive skin. It also prevents moisture from building up in the mask. When there’s a lot of moisture, bacteria that can make your skin feel worse tends to grow.

There are lots of different options you can choose from when choosing a silk face mask. Spend some time shopping around to find the right one for you. In addition to being a generally stylish choice, you can also find silk masks that are adjustable so that they fit your face better. A well-fitting mask is both safer and more comfortable to wear.

Even if you don’t opt for silk, you’ll want to stick close to a few simple rules of thumb. As much as a lightweight single-layer mask may feel more breathable, it’s not the best choice. You want to choose a mask that is effective for your safety too. You want to look for tightly woven materials with multiple layers. Masks should be comfortable and practical.

Other Ways to Reduce Maskne

Swapping to a silk face mask may be an effective way to reduce maskne, but there are other steps you can take to help protect your skin. It depends on how and where you’re wearing your masks. For the most part, the best thing you can do is try to focus more on creating a safe and hygienic environment for your face.

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Choose the Best Mask for the Occasion

Silk isn’t the only option when it comes to masks. There are a lot of other choices and having different masks for different activities isn’t a bad idea. Masks that are 100% cotton can be a good choice for keeping your skin healthy as well. They’re breathable and less likely to cause sweating. If you’re doing something active, like working out, you’ll probably want to go with something else. When cotton gets wet, it tends to hold the moisture and stay that way. A tightly woven polyester blend, on the other hand, can wick moisture away.

Say Goodbye to Disposable Masks

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to throw on a disposable mask for a quick trip to the store, throw it away afterward! They’re called disposable masks for a reason. Although some people have a tendency to reuse them, wearing a mask that’s holding onto yesterday’s makeup and dirt is a recipe for maskne.

Wash Your Masks

The Center for Disease Control recommends that you wash your mask regularly. How often you need to give it a wash depends on how often you’re wearing it. When it comes to fighting off maskne, this is also something to take into account. If you’re wearing the mask all day long, you’ll want to wash it after each use. If you wear it just for a little while at a time, you can probably go a few days between washes.

Bring a Spare

If you’re wearing your mask while exercising, or doing other sweaty activities, a spare mask can be a lifesaver. Once you finish your strenuous activity, swap it out for a clean one! When your mask is full of moisture, it creates an opportunity for bacteria to get through your skin’s barriers. This can cause maskne and other skin issues. Keeping a spare mask on hand is more comfortable and will help keep your skin healthy.

Focus on Your Skincare Routine

Wearing a clean silk face mask isn’t the only way to protect your skin. Putting some extra love into your skincare routine will also help. One of the best things you can do is start with a gentle cleanser. The HD Creamy Gentle Cleanser is a great choice because it cleans away debris and makeup buildup while soothing irritated skin. It contains vitamin E as well, which will help your skin defend itself against environmental damages too!

Maskne isn’t inevitable! Your skin is adjusting to wearing masks regularly, just like you are. By making choices to protect your skin, like choosing to wear a silk face mask, you can reduce redness and irritation. Making a few changes to your daily routine can make a world of difference to your skin.

What kind of mask materials do you like wearing?